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Paddi Lund's Tower of Trust

Hi there!

I hope you're enjoying the Paddi Pages! In Issue #12 we talked about some of the specific trust-building principles choreographed into your first meeting with "Dr Lund".

Just to recap, you might recall from past issues Paddi's Key Frustration #4: Paddi hated 'selling'. His sales process was long and difficult, and it was suffocating his cashflow.

Well Paddi figured that if he could build trust with clients quickly (as well as confidence in his professional expertise with the Critical Non-Essentials) then they would ask to buy his treatment plans more readily, and more importantly, would stick to their bargains and keep to their plans.

In Customers Who Love to Pay you'll read all about how Paddi completely transformed the way he handles money and buying decisions in his practice! You'll read about important selling systems like the Buy Cycle, as well as The Foundations Stones of the Tower of Trust, and their importance in the process of buying.

As promised in Issue #12, below is a little snippet from Chapter 14 - "Building: The Foundations of Trust". See how many Foundations you can recognise in what you've read of Paddi's Customer Experience so far.

See you for the next issue of the Paddi Pages!

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Special Excerpt from

The Secret World of
Customers Who Love to Pay

Chapter 14, page 70...

The Foundations of Trust

If you want to generate trust with customers reliably and consistently, there are a few methods that I feel may be helpful; eight in fact.

These techniques will enable you to acquire the characteristic of a trusted person: to be seen as trustworthy.

People will trust you if you appear to be worthy of their trust, not because you feel that you are trustworthy.

So just what is it that make some people seem trustworthy and others not?

When I ask this question most people will pick body language: if someone has shifty eyes or if they don't meet your gaze, then they are probably not to be trusted. And these "give-aways", are usually the characteristics of a person who doesn't feel trustworthy.

So this is certainly the first area to address. You have to believe in yourself, and what you do.

But assuming you do feel trustworthy and you do believe in what you do and you are therefore not shifty eyed, what else can you do to help people trust you? What is it that will ensure that you and your business-family build high-trust bonding with your customers?

I call the factors that build trust the Foundations of Trust.

I think of trust as a tall building that is solid and strong: the Tower of Trust. To hold such a tower you need a firm foundation built of solid blocks.

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