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Paddi Pages E-Zine - Issue #2

Mikes's Big Question!

Dear Reader,

Welcome back to the Paddi Pages!

Over the years, Paddi's story has attracted the attention of some notable business authorities. One of those is Mike Basch, founding Senior Vice President of Federal Express in the US - Mike designed and built the Super Hub in Memphis!

I remember talking with Mike after he'd first heard about Paddi's business. He was a bit incredulous to say the least!

------------ Mike Basch's big Question: ------------

"Wait, hang on, you're telling me he has no signs, no Yellow Pages or phone listing and a locked front door? Surely that's a recipe for disaster????

You're probably wondering the same thing. How could Paddi possibly make any money let alone survive?

------------ The Answer to Mike's Enigma: ------------

Well he does make money - more money more easily than any small business I've ever seen (Paddi's shown me his books!) - and he's been at it with this model of business for many years so it's proven.

Paddi doesn't like me talking about the money so much - he finds it a bit crass and unimportant (now that is, more on why below). Paddi likes me to say, "He makes more money than he can easily spend with his desired lifestyle," but in reality he makes more than twice the average dentist in his area of Brisbane.

But here's the really interesting part:

Paddi earns that money working only three days a week, or 23hrs in the office on average. (He takes every Tuesday and Thursday off!)

That's conservatively about half the time others take to earn less than half the money. When you think of it that way, Paddi's rate of production is pretty mind boggling.


To learn more about Paddi's specific views on profit, debt and money in business, check out Paddi's Advanced Manual on the subject.


"So how the hell does he do it?" I hear you asking. (BTW, it's not higher prices!)

Well, I'll tell you how in later editions of the Paddi Pages. For now, there's a much better question you might consider asking, and that's,

"Why does he do it? Why does he only work 3 days when he could be earning so much more money working a full week like the rest of us?"

And it's in the answer to that question that you'll discover the secret to Paddi's remarkable success that's lasted for so many years - the secret to building a business that is so dramatically different and has turned conventional business thinking on its head.

You see, Paddi has discovered something more important in business than money, which is why he doesn't find it useful to talk about the $$$'s all that much.

Have you picked the dichotomy? Money isn't all that important to Paddi, and yet he makes so much more than most of his colleagues? How is that possible?

In the next edition of the Paddi Pages, we'll uncover the full depth of Paddi's "secret" and how the same wisdom might help you. (Hint: the answer is somewhat related the title of Paddi's first book!)

Until then,

Kind regards,


P.S. After learning all about Paddi's business ideas and adopting them in his consulting business, Mike later very kindly said, "I've applied many of Paddi's principles with my clients in warehousing, manufacturing and hospital industries - they're disarmingly simple and they work." Mike is now one of Paddi's keenest advocates. We'll hear a bit more from him later...

Fletcher Potanin
Managing Director
Solutions Press Business Publishing

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