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Paddi Pages E-Zine - Issue #8

The Welcome Book in Play - Hearing about Paddi for the First Time!

Dear Reader,

So picking up where we left off on our walkthrough of Paddi's practice …

We’re standing outside Dr Paddi Lund’s non-descript building. Having just rung the door bell (the one next to the ‘By Invitation Only’ brass plate), we’re waiting for someone to answer the door.

Through the glass you see a figure appear from around the corner, smiling warmly as she walks to the door. It looks like Merilyn Hayler, your Care Nurse. You recognise her because you’ve seen her picture in the Welcome Book you received in the post.

(More on that later.)

You know Merilyn is your CareNurse because she was Your Friend’s CareNurse, and you spoke to her on the phone to arrange your appointment.

Merilyn opens the locked front door, takes your hand in hers and says, “You must be (she says your name because she knows it!) … I’m Merilyn Hayler. Welcome to Patrick Lund Dental Happiness.”

Needless to say you’re impressed, and it won’t be the last time that happens today!


Now, there’s a few different ways you might have heard about Paddi’s practice. The most common referrals are from family, work colleagues or friends. The last one is the best example of the referral process in action.

You might not have considered exactly what has to transpire for an effective referral to take place. Essentially, you need the right people (one with a need, one with a solution) to instigate the right conversation (about your business) at the right time (when the one with need is ready to take action). It really can be a bit hit and miss.

But Paddi has leaned to make the process more consistent and reliable. First by giving his customers good stories to tell (yes, about dentistry!) and second by making tools that help instigate the right conversations.

So imagine you’re at a friend’s house for a dinner party. If the story of an unusual dentist didn’t come up over dinner, then it most likely would over coffee in the lounge room. Here’s why…

Every new client of Paddi’s is sent a large package in the post a few days before their first visit. That package contains Paddi’s ‘Welcome Book’ that explains everything you’d want to know about the practice. That in itself might not be too unusual, except that the Welcome Book is beautifully presented in a full colour binder/notebook that has real substance. It is quite simply just too good to throw away, and it more often than not takes pride of place on customers’ coffee tables at home. Most clients are blown away to receive a book like this from any business, let alone a dentist.

So if Paddi’s story didn’t come up over dinner, it invariably does over coffee because people just can’t help but pick up the Welcome Book out of curiosity and begin asking all about it. It’s a great conversation starter.

But the Welcome Book isn’t just attractive and substantial to the eye, it also contains some very interesting information that you just wouldn’t expect from a dentist. Things like,

  • Pictures of the building, maps of the area and directions so it’s easy to find,
  • Pictures and brief descriptions of everyone on the team, including your new CareNurse,

And in particular it describes in benefit oriented language,

  • What you can expect during your visits,
  • Paddi’s preferred style of long-term dentistry,
  • Paddi’s fees compared with other dentists,
  • No pain guarantees,
  • Etc, etc, etc.

This Welcome Book is what I referred to last issue as, “… the most incredible sales tool I’ve ever seen.”

Paddi’s patients used to come to the practice unknowing, unsure and scared of how painful the dentistry might be. After Paddi wrote and perfected the Welcome Book, instead of taking weeks and months to agree to treatment plans, new customers were committing sometimes tens of thousands of dollars in their first visit! It really has made a dramatic difference.

Paddi once said to me, “If I had to start over, I just wouldn’t be a dentist if I couldn’t have my Welcome Book!”


If you’d like to learn more about Paddi’s Welcome Book – and how you can write one of your own using Paddi’s as a guide – I’ve set up a special page on our website that contains further details on the Welcome Book and why it works so well, including a Table of Contents of the different sections.


But here we are and we haven’t even walked through the door of Paddi’s practice yet!

Next issue, we’ll walk into the building and begin experiencing some of the rather clever service systems that have helped to build such strong trusting customer relationships so quickly.

Until then, I wish you happiness and profits!

Kind regards,


Fletcher Potanin
Managing Director
Solutions Press Business Publishing

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