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Paddi Pages E-Zine - Issue #10

A Host of Critical Non-Essentials in the Personal Lounge

Dear Reader,

As you sit in your Personal Lounge – of course it's YOURs, your name was on the door remember – you can’t help but observe your surroundings.

Merilyn has just offered you a cup of tea and has returned to the Big Lounge to prepare it. The food and drink is important to Paddi. He’s learned that breaking bread with someone is a great way to build trust.

“What kind of tea would you like?” or “Would you join me in a tea or coffee?” Merilyn asked. She always asks just that way. (They've found with “Would you like a drink?” people often declined out of politeness.)

As you look around the lounge, you see more of Paddi’s Critical Non-Essentials…

  • Tasteful original artwork on the walls, (They are all signed “Lund”. That’s Paddi’s talented mum. Most people ask.)
  • Fresh flowers in a crystal vase to your right,
  • A jug of cold water (beads of condensation) with a sprig of mint,
  • An assorted plate of fruits and nuts with a small sign, “These are for you”,
  • Pictures of Paddi’s business family (and one or two of Paddi in seminar)
  • One or two interesting looking puzzles (to occupy your mind for later)
  • A lovely looking hard back book, “You Can Improve Your Smile”,
  • Lace adorning the tables and white paper doilies on the crockery.
  • A lovely little bell with a note, “Please ring if you need me”,
  • Plus half a dozen or so other small CNe’s,
  • All in a very clean room (no stains, dust or marks)
  • With warm lighting, gentle colours and,
  • Nice furniture – tulip chairs that let you sit up high, comfortable yet not casual,
  • You can hear the classical baroque music playing in the background – baroque period (steady beat, few emotional swings, no lyrics) because it adds to the atmosphere but characteristically quickly falls to the back of your consciousness.

As Merilyn walks back into the lounge with a silver service tea set (that you saw displayed on the way in) you can’t help but notice a few more details.

  • The lovely Royal Doulton tea service – a small tea pot, milk jug, two cups and saucers – just enough for the two of you,
  • Silver spoons and a silver tea strainer on a silver tray, all polished and shiny,
  • Another small crystal vase with fresh flowers on the tray,
  • A small sign that says, “Paddi’s Special Blend Tea” – it was Merilyn’s recommendation,
  • A tantalising plate of fresh baked Dental Buns – the smell is mouth watering,
  • The ceremonious way Merilyn serves the tea for you both.

As you sit with Merilyn and enjoy Paddi’s Special Blend Tea – it’s like an English Breakfast but with delicious hint of something sweet, vanilla maybe – you begin to chat comfortably as you get to know each other.


By this stage you might be wondering how on earth you’re ever going to afford all the people you’d need to pay attention to as many details in the service experience as Paddi has, let alone how you’d convince your team to do all the extra work that must be involved.


The good news is, it’s likely all possible with your current team and a little bit of work on systematising your service experience. To learn more about how Paddi has crafted his Care Person System based on solid, reproducible principles, please refer to Paddi’s advanced manual, Simple Stunning Customer Service.


With a bit of foresight and a bit of systems refinement, Paddi’s CareNurses produce their remarkable service experience with apparent ease. And there’s only three of them (now after 10yrs just two CareNurses - they've simplifed!) working just 3 ˝ days a week each.

Next issue we’ll walk you through the two areas of Paddi’s practice that you haven’t seen yet, the dental surgery and the bathrooms – where you’ll find a few of Paddi’s most outrageous and story inspiring CNe’s!

In the meantime, when’s the last time you looked at your business the way your customers do? What little details do you think your customers notice and what does that tell them?

See you next issue,

Kind regards,


Fletcher Potanin
Managing Director
Solutions Press Business Publishing

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